Picks 17 and 18 ! Patriots take Solder, Chargers select LiugetBy yahoo_solderbrbr17 ! ! Nate Solder, OT, ColoradobrbrPros: A linebacker and fixed annihilate in lofty teach Solder gained 30 pounds amid preparation for his position alternate merely didn't lose any of his agility. Absolutely physically dominant sportsman amid his ability to outrun, outmuscle, and engulf defenders along the line. Quick and mobile enough to watch peerless while chipping by the lincheap nfl jerseys from chinae and heading up to linebacker depth - Solder has the capacity and technique to acquaint clean blocks up the ladder Has a really agreeable counter to inside moves off the snap; this may be why he looks so much stronger with a fixed annihilate inline. Most of his pass protection issues appear to be to the outdoor Agile enough aboard tackle pulls and down blocks,although he doesn't have a lot of power while crashing down inside. Could probably put 10-15 more pocheap china jerseysunds aboard his 6-foot-8, 315-pound boundary without losing a lot of quickness.brbrCons: Solder doesn't have a finished set of moves amid pass protection, and I could see him giving up a lot of NFL sacks within the back half of his dropback outdoor as he tends to lunge and lurch instead of providing a flat array of steps. Will slip off defenders too often meantime trying to build power inside. With his utmost top he's going to have issues with defenders getticheap nfl nike jerseysng beneath his pads and pushing him back Occasionally comes up late in his stance, leading to disaster meantime he can't catch up to speed-rushing ends. Kick tread looks surprisingly blocky for such an athlete. Seems to have snap-readiness issues out of a three-point stance; his initial popup is a lot quicker while he's standing up.brbrConclusion: It's intricate to jot almost Solder without sounding likewise negate while I actually think he could be a quite gcheap nfl jerseysood-looking NFL player among the right system and given the duration to multiply He's one of three players I discern surrounded this chart class - Ryan Mallett and Jake Locker are the others - who are vigorous marvels among an access alternatively afresh only aspiration be system-dependent to a huge degree and ambition need a lot of coaching forward they're prepared to do anything of substance amid the pros.brbrIn Solder's case, the crew is understands his wenfl jerseys from chinaaknesses and works to heighten his strengths could be rewarded with an outstanding zone tackle. And with NFL teams running more shotgun than ever before and more left tackles lining up surrounded two-point stances along the begin of their NFL careers, Solder does have a occurrence to succeed. It's impartial is the expectations could be too lofty right off the cmd for of his crude lively talent What's not among doubt from all accounts,is is he has the determinnfl jerseys from chinaation and work ethic to tell it occur.brbryahoo_liugetbrbr18 ! San Diego Chargers ! Corey Liuget, DT, IllinoisbrbrPros: Good at engaging and getting past guards using his hands, Liuget may be at his best direct over guard alternatively shading the guard-tackle rift Tremendous upper-body strength allows him to move blockers behind and he's generally hasty to shake off to an side alternatively the additional to bring a ballcarrier down. Closes among quite well cheap jerseys chinainside on an angle, especially over hub -- he picks up momentum and brings a load to those situations. Decent outside-to-in spin transfer allows him to bounce out of blocks. Nice agility and velocity among space; can chase down running backs very well. Wraps up as a tackler; doesn't go as ankle hits alternatively annihilate shots. Gets a excellent push while he locks within with his hands inside. Can procure the advantage off the snap with a array of hand movnfl jerseys free shippinges.br